Author: Rob Skinner Subject: this is great Date: September 08, 2009

Message: this page is great! its really cool to see all the shows ive been too and trying to remember all of them, its really fun!

Author: jessica rinaldi Subject: live love & laugh w family & friends Date: August 25, 2009

Message: My family & I are still new to Hookah, I myself experienced my first show back in 1995 @ Blossom, in Ohio. They played with Phish & Rusted Root! Talk about a memorable first!!! I went on that summer to finish the east coast tour w our friends "The Dead"....I have introduced my partner/lifemate to Hookah, and together we are bound by the love that we share both there & @ home w our family & friends! I realize we are only a few fish in the sea of Hookah, yet forever Grateful I am for what we have experienced & what we now share with all those around us because of Hookah................ Thank you..........xoxoxox

Author: gratefulea Subject: what happened to the text font? Date: August 17, 2009

Message: The text on certain parts of the site now have tiny lettering that is hard to read...it this a problem with my computer or a change to the site???

Author: jude Subject: site Date: August 13, 2009

Message: grate site! I like how easy it is to find my way around. I'll be back... hookahgrandma

Author: Brendan Wilde Subject: nice site Date: August 07, 2009

Message: great job with the new site. HOOOOOOOOOOOKKKAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: sam kim Subject: site Date: August 01, 2009

Message: nice job dub like wat u've done is that it or is there more to come

Author: GratefuLea Subject: thanks man Date: July 29, 2009

Message: You will never know how much easier you make my life!!! I've been using your site for many years, and I've seen you thru at least 3 drastically different layouts...This is by far the best. GRATEFUL for your work and time, L~

Author: Allison Chaplin Subject: Great job on the new site!! Date: July 29, 2009

Message: It's a lot of fun to sit down and figure out all my stats. I've been to a lot more shows than I realized!! I'm not done yet, so there's plenty of fun to be had here...forever!!! Thanks Dubba!!

Author: Jay Romero Subject: That's A Lot of Shows! Date: July 28, 2009

Message: Just figured out that Spring Hookahville 2009 at Frontier Ranch was my 300th ekoostik hookah show! That makes 50 entire days of my life I have spent watching this band!

Author: Juan Subject: Great site Date: July 27, 2009

Message: Hey dubba. I'm really diggin the new site! Good job!

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