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You'll notice that the site has had a bit of a makeover. I felt I was getting a little rusty with PHP since I took a job writing ColdFusion, and the code was so horribly written and outdated. You'll also notice that I've added a bit of JavaScript and jQuery to my visually coded arsenal. I decided that I would add several modules to my website, and giving the Schwa a site of their own. From this point on, the Schwa part of my site will be conveniently located at schwa.dubba.com. The additional modules were created to try to learn better ways to accomplish application functionality, and not so much for the fact that I really needed these features within my domain. Most of the code that you don't see was written on the administration side of my site, which previously had never been accomplished. Enjoy!

My Blog

While everyone knows that I can sometimes have more to say than you would probably care to listen to, I now have a place to voice my sometimes undesired opinion. I plan to use this section for everything from pet peeves, to life experiences, to recipes, to my overstated opinions. If you want to, feel free to read more...


This module was the most challenging to build. I've built photo galleries from scratch before, but this time I wanted to write it all on one page and get into some fancier code. Not that I have a fancy camera to go with that concept, but photographs have always been a passion of mine. One day when I invest in the opportunity and maybe take a class on it, I'll have this section of my site already built. I've already added about 20 galleries, with many more to come when I get the chance to process and upload them. Feel free to geek out on my inexperience a little more...

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