Me Me Me Me Me Me

So you're inquistive about the freak behind this site? Well, here's a few tidbits about me. I was born an Aquarian in the winter of 1969 in Granville, Ohio. I have a younger brother and a younger sister. I consider myself lucky to have been blessed with two of the most wonderful parents in this world. I graduated from Granville High school and continued my education three more years at a nasty college before leaving, uncertain on my life's direction. I chose not to make up my mind for a while and enjoy the life of carefree freedom. You only live once as far as I know, so I chose to follow the Grateful Dead around the country for the next few years before landing a job working for a band. It was a pleasurable experience spending three and a half years on the road with the rock and roll band, ekoostik hookah, where I rendered my services as their drum technician, merchandise manager, and archivist. I still enjoy doing their archiving for them. It was my then roommate, Ferdinand T. Marcos (aka Ferdi), that deemed me the nickname of dub. He used to get so sick of me "dubbing down" schwa tapes, that when the name got into the hands of one Mr. John Mullins, our other roomate at the time, that the rest was history. Although I took a hiatus from the band during the end of the '96 and beginning of the '97 year, I could not stay away from my friends for too long. After putting my life back together and retaining my sanity from the wear of the road, I returned home. I was introduced into the 'schwa scene' when I met Dave Katz in the fall of 1988. He was playing in a local cover band at the time, Local Color. He was a friend of one of my roommates, and soon thereafter, became my roomate. The Schwa boys and their music have had a drastically positive influence on my life. Without them, I would not have the friendships and the love of live music that I have today. I consider their music the soundtrack to my life.


One of my main interests include listening to live music and collecting live recordings. I especially am fond of Jerry Garcia and all that he has done, including my 20 year interest with the Grateful Dead. Since the passing of Jerry and the disbanding of the Grateful Dead, I have been known to joyfully wrap my ears around Widespread Panic, Yonder Mountain String Band, Phil Lesh & Friends, and any of Warren Haynes' projects.


My favorite actor and comedian is Robin Williams. I've seen and collected almost every piece of work he has done. My favorite admitable enjoyment is probably travel. I love this planet and have been to almost every major national park in the continental United States. Camping and outdoor activity used to be the primary means by which I've traveled, but in my more recent years (as I get older), hotels seem to be more fitting. That, and Bed and Breakfast Inns, my future investment and hopefully retirement plan, as it has always been my life long dream.


I was in school at Columbus State Community College, where I studied Interactive Multimedia Technology. I love working in graphic arts and web development, but found an intriguing niche in database development and PHP programming. It struck a passionate nerve and it is something that I love to do. While running my computer based business, I started to successfully employ myself for jobs in the web development field. Within the last year, the struggles of my financial boat weren't sailing too stabile, so I took a job working for Franklin County, developing web based applications. I had to learn a new language, one a actually enjoy more than PHP - ColdFusion. I've also started learning jQuery and AJAX on a more deeper level. My business website can be found here.


I also enjoy watching a sport or two on the TV. I have two felines by the name of Dylan and Hunter, named after two of the Dead's (and especially Jerry's) lyricists - Bob Dylan and Robert Hunter. Well, I'm sure it has been a thrill getting to know me a little. Feel free to e-mail me, and as always, I'll be seeing you you...



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