So you want to start a music collection in one form or another. This part of my site is designed to help out the newbie, whether you want to start taping live shows or you just want to learn how to convert an mp3 for your iPod that you found on the internet.

Maybe you need to find a certain band's official homepage? Maybe you're just looking for a particular setlist or lyric? Maybe you're just looking for sites on the net where you can listen to music as you peruse the web. We'll cover all of those sites and more in the links below.

Everything from extracting audio to learning how to download via bit torrent or FTP, to learning how to transfer formats and burn discs is explained in a page I have developed called Conversion 101. It explains all of this and includes links to free downloads of software that you'll need in order to get started.

Miscellaneous Music

  • Conversion 101 - Here you'll find help on how to get music from the internet to your desired format, and vice versa.
  • Band Sites - Here you'll find a compilation of setlist, lyric, and homepage links for bands that I've found on the web.
  • My Music List - A list of my audio collection. It hasn't been updated in ions, but I'm working on it.

Music Download Sites

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