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Payback's a ... (11 taken October 22, 2013)

Months ago, my then Team Lead at work decided to wish me a happy belated birthday by unraveling 10 rolls of aluminum foil all over every inch of my office. To preface my building frustration, we are processing some of our web projects using the agile methodology. This methodology uses sticky notes to list every task through its fruition, along with unwanted meetings, as a way of communicating to others in the project where we stand - through its completion. I HATE sticky notes, and have no desire to work using this process. So in conjunction with my distaste for sticky notes, along with payback for still finding shreddings of aluminum foil in my office, I stayed after work today on my own dime, and seeked revenge...

2013 Fall 'ville - Clay's Park, North Lawrence, OH (31 taken September 1, 2013)

I was really lame this year. I missed spring 'ville, and only made one night of the Fall. As much as I've gotten used to getting up at 5AM and working all day, I still haven't completely adjusted my life. I still have problems getting everything done because I haven't adjusted to having to cramming what I used to fit into a day, into a few hours after work each day without becoming exhausted. I should have been there the entire weekend, but I did get to squeeze in a free Blues Traveler show Friday night, a night at the 'ville, and a catch up day to get my life in order, bonus the opening of the year for Michigan.

2013 Lions and Tigers and Bears... (66 taken August 10, 2013)

I'm not one much for the zoo, but my little lovely lady keeps telling me that some of the animals that are there couldn't survive in the wild. Being in a cage might not be so bad if you loook at it that way. But for the others, like to monkeys, it really bums me out. Guess sometimes a little compromise is good for the better of the both of us..

2013 Panic Red Rocks - Morrison, CO (81 taken June 27, 2013)

Red Rocks, 2013. Alex, Pete, Erin, and I hopped in Pete's car and made a 2400 mile round trip excursion to the Mountains.

2013 Panic at the Palace Theater in Louisville, KY (50 taken April 16, 2013)

Lots of pic of the band, with that crazy screen behind them. Pete and I hung out with Bart and John over the few nights we were there.

2012 Spring 'Ville (90 taken May 26, 2012)

This one featured Govt. Mule, Yonder Mountain, and our lovely host.

May 2012 Clippers Game (18 taken May 3, 2012)

Rob and Josh, Irv and his woman, and fun filled evening at Huntington Field

April 20, 2012 the Schwa at Skully's Diner (6 taken April 20, 2012)

This place was crowded. The band played well, but the venue isn't very accomodating from a patron's point of view.

2012 Panic En La Playa (141 taken February 4, 2012)

One of the more fonder memories in my life. Hanging on the Mexican beach with my friends, listeing to four nights of kickin' rock and roll.

2011 NYE Widespread Panic - Charlotte, NC (8 taken December 31, 2011)

My buddies Alex, Sam, Pete, Chris, my cousin Dan, Erin I having a fabulous weekend..

2011 Knoxville Panic Fall Run Shows (39 taken September 27, 2011)

There are a quite a few stage shots here. The light show was nothing short of phenomenal.

2011 Spring 'Ville (35 taken May 28, 2011)

Aside from the boys, this 'ville featured Yonder Mountain and Todd Snider.

2011 Hangout Festival - Gulf Shores of Alabama (55 taken May 20, 2011)

This was another epic adventure. The sun, sand, tunes, and good times.

2010 Nashville Panic Run (31 taken October 4, 2010)

This was a three night run at the Ryman. Never go back to that venue. They were militant! Great shows, with good friends.

2010 Browns Bengals Game (27 taken October 3, 2010)

We finally beat someone in our division, and we went with a few Bengals fans. That was some game!

2010 Summer Ledges (63 taken July 23, 2010)

This was a rainy, mud-soaked weekend, but the boys were the ones bringing the rain down!

2010 Furthur at the LC (20 taken July 2, 2010)

Right before the 4th, and we even got fireworks. Somewhat of an interruption durring the show.

2010 Colorado Hike Near Nederland (53 taken July 1, 2010)

Erin and I decided to head up the mountain and find a place to hike. We made it to the top, where we discovered an ice cold lake. Awesome!

2010 Panic Red Rocks Run - Morrison, Colorado (66 taken July 1, 2010)

Erin and I hanging out with the Good People - Danni, Pat, Sam, Time, Ryan, Kyra, Frankie and Tommy and crew.

2010 Spring Ledges (34 taken April 30, 2010)

Another dose of the Ledges. Lots of pics of Phil and Sarge. Was needing something for the website, so you'll recognize some of these, as they're used throughout schwa.dubba.com

2006 the Schwa in Jamaica (33 taken March 26, 2006)

One of the best times of my life! Erin and I went down, met Alex, Brad, and the rest of the crew for a funfilled few days of colorful music in a tropical paradise.

2006 Plymouth Ice Sculptures - Plymouth, Michigan (47 taken January 26, 2006)

No captions, but take a look at the sculptures. Erin and I went up and made a day of it.

2004 Michigan/Ohio Football Game in Ann Arbor (4 taken November 23, 2004)

The only time I've seen Michigan play at home against the team in which their stench surrounds me.

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