Renovation, Inauguration, Enthusiasm, and Howdy to Your Face

published 7/20/2013 at 05:26:42 PM

Total Renovation

I've spent the last 15 months of my life employed with Franklin County Data Center (FCDC), where not only have I spent my entire time learning a few new programming languages, but feel like I've come to perfect the web form and it's complete functionality. You may be asking yourself, "Who cares, and so what? Why is he telling me this?" Well, partially because dubba.com has never had an administration piece written for it, making my site not so inviting to update whenever I feel like it. I've spent time over the last few months (since March, honestly) re-writing ever inch of code for the site. It was such a novice adventure in the beginning, and it shows. Now that I feel like it ought to be in par with the fact that I now professionally do this for my living, my website should probably reflect that.

And again, so what? You've re-written your site. Big deal. Why does this matter? Well, because now that I have a more thorough knowledge of  jQuery, JavaScript, a more functional understanding of CSS, HTML, and really applying what I've learned in ColdFusion at work to my understanding of PHP, I have written my administration section (hey - it only took me 17 years, cut me some slack). That gives me the freedom to keep it much more up to date. I have added this blog page, as well as a photo gallery (just to prove to myself that I could do it properly, not so much that I only own a point and shoot camera). I've reduced my page count from 125 pages to 86, and in the same breath added not only 3 new sections to my site, but the admin pieces for it.That's a huge streamlining of code.

But again, so you can not only update your site, but now it's easy? That probably means nothing to you, does it? Well, with making it easy to update, that gives a bigger (not necessarilty better) web presence. My sometime overly indulgent opinions can now be read by anyone daring (or stupid) enough to read them. 

With that said, look for a consistent enough of an update, that you may be curious enough to stick around. I would like it if you did, but wouldn't be offended if you didn't.

As for the updates, the re-writing makes it easily functional. I should also mention the use of separating out information not revelent to what you're probably looking for has now been solved through the use of sub-domains. The biggest one is for the Schwa. It's now located at schwa.dubba.com. I'm isolating the dubba.com portion of my site as my personal site, but the more informational parts can still be accessed. Same with the flippy pool. They are all slightly different in style, but close enough that I didn't spend that much time thinking about it.

As for the mention of a better use of simplicity, there's no surfing to get your answers. They're simply listed there for you. The biggest portion of re-write came in trying to better implement the display of content based on the user's log-in credentials. In other words, give the user every bit of knowledge that you can, while restricting the personal information, and the editing until they acces their account. If I'm asking for input, give it where you are within the site, and not sending you to a page to do it. If you have an account, surf around and see what I mean. Most of the log-in advantages come on the Schwa part of my site.

I do have a major piece of code that I'm writing right now that I can almost call it its own application. Look for an announcement once I get a small break from feeling like I've been coding my brians out. Not Only with my job at the FCDC, and fulfilling my dublication.net clients, between that and sleeping, there haven't been many hours left to exist.

I'd say "before I digress", but I already have. Beside the point, I hope that you enjoy the fruits of my knowledge seeking, labor intensive laborious endeavor. Look for me with the month, and I'll be seeing you...




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